1. We are beheviour-based

No more problems with data collected from people’s declarative input. For the industries that we serve, consumers are searching for what they intend to buy

2. Our approach quantifies market demand

Detection of growing interest, identification of weak signals, consumers search data enables to quantify market potential and current trends in demand

3. We anticipate consumers decision

Consumers search before they buy. Demand indicators and market trends available before sales results, about you and your competitors

4. We geolocalize all results

Market demand at a local level or overview for major international markets enables relevant decisions for all geographies

5. We are industry-specific

Semantic analysis, cluster identification, score development, all in-house resources are distinct by industry

6. We have a fast-paced and ready-to-work solution

No long set-up brief and organization, no aging consumer data, we deliver insights on a weekly basis enabling agile and relevant decisions