What they search.
Before they decide.

You search what you buy

Customers are using search engines everyday before purchasing your brand, products or services. We collect these insights, we quantify them, and we make them applicable for your business.

About us

You search what you buy

Using search data, MoodSights brings a direct understanding of consumers’ interests, concerns and intentions of purchase before their decision, and turns them into actionable insights

Quantify market and demand

To measure attractiveness and consumer purchase intent

Localize trends and early signals

To help focusing your actions at the right place

Provide international market coverage

To assist you expanding and monitoring everywhere


MoodSigths data analytics provide our clients with direct business benefits to take sharper decisions, improve operational efficiency and increase ROI.

Anticipate market demand

After the Covid-19 crisis, focus your sales / marketing plans on segments with renewed consumer intent to purchase.

Act local

Stop spreading your marketing budget, improve your ROI based on real local demand.

Compare with competition

Search data is always available for further analysis. Identify quickly if your performance is on-par or better than your direct or indirect competitors.

Behaviour is better

Do not rely on what they say they would do. But on what they just searched on line.

Stay on top

Take faster and more relevant decisions based on near “real-time” data.


MoodSights for business organizations means anticipation, budget optimization and higher ROI. We develop specific solutions for each industry to better adapt to the customer journey and the various “moments of decision”.


MoodSights proprietary technology combines several major expertises to leverage consumer search data and turn these into actionable and predictive insights

  • 01.Text Mining
  • 02.IA & Algorithmes
  • 03.Statistiques
  • This first set of expertise includes the following items: Natural Language Processing (NLP), Semantic Analysis and Multi-language capability.

    This second set brings together the following know-how: Analysis of the understanding of interests / concerns, Mass production and high-speed analysis, Geolocation grid.

    This last brick brings together all the quantitative expertise of MoodSights: Calculation of metadata and construction of trends, Back-tests and consistency checks, construction of Scores.