MoodSights Advisory is a Smart Data Analytics technology

for Stock Trading Decision prediction


MoodSights Advisory is an Automated Trading Advisory System
which combines the 3 approaches of market analysis:

  • The Fundamental approach, based on macroeconomic data and market volatility ;

  • The Technical approach, based on the study of past market data, primarily price and volume ;

  • The Behavioural approach, based on a disruptive technology that evaluates market mood and buying intentions.

MoodSights Big Data framework organises and combines all inputs and applies Advanced Machine Learning technologies for the prediction of stock price moves.


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Our Methodology & Technology

MOODi 2 is MoodSights’s Artificial Intelligence technology (Machine Learning) delivering recommendations and signals on the stock markets.

This system combines, via a constant learning process, the three approaches of Market Analysis:
the Fundamental approach, the Technical approach, the Behavioural approach.

These three inputs combined within MOODi Machine Learning Technology, allow to determine not only recommendations on market values but also the best points of purchase and sale.


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Portfolio Management

Based on MOODi 2 signals, a “Long only” virtual portfolio has been created:

  • The AI ​​provides digital buying and selling signals based on its analysis of the three market approaches;
  • No human intervention is performed in the execution of purchase / sale signals;
  • The AI ​​uses its own algorithms to automatically allocate, manage and optimize assets.

MOODi 2 Portfolio is totally handled by algorithms and Artificial Intelligence on the values ​​of the S&P500.

Launched live on 02/01/2018, MOODi 2 Portfolio was backtested in the period starting mid-2013 to end of 2017. The composite benchmark used for MOODi 2 Portfolio is the S&P500 (code SPTR500N).

  2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 (until 28/02/2018)
MOODi 2 Portfolio 66,66% 58,88% 85,29% 73,55% 7,48%
S&P500 13% -1,03% 9,27% 19,43% 2,40%

Having no sectorial weight constraint, MOODi often adopts a differentiated behaviour compared to its benchmark.

The rules of portfolio management are simple, allowing the AI to play with the maximum latitude in its choices:

  • Portfolio management is fully supported by the algorithm. No manual intervention is made in the MOODi 2 Portfolio trades;
  • MOODi 2 Portfolio is a pure portfolio of stock-picking, only Long;
  • The commission rate taken into account for transactions is 0.20%;
  • The maximum number of positions of the portfolio is 50;
  • The portfolio can be invested at 100%;
  • The portfolio can also be totally cash if it does not find any buying opportunities;
  • No sector constraint is defined.

Position Management:

  • Each position is worth buying 2% of the value of the portfolio;
  • The number of positions is limited to 30% of the catalog of values.

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MOODi 2 has already been developed in several versions, a more active one and a version designed to generate Short Selling positions.

R & D is in the DNA of MoodSights.
Other versions to follow …

MoodSights Advisory
 a Trading Advisor based on Machine Learning

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