MoodFinance is a Smart Data Analytics service

targeted to Equity Research

to generate better investment performance



MoodFinance, what for?

Generate new investment ideas  IMA_Icon1 MF

MoodFinance brings a disruptive and additional dimension to the existing analysis (fundamental and technical). On top of figures,
it describes securities with words, positive and negative, helps to identify and anticipate turning points
and the factors that triggered that situation. MoodFinance also produces Buy / Sell market signals on all stocks covered.

IMA_Icon2 MF Monitor securities in portfolio

MoodFinance technology identifies the leading semantic indicators of a stock
(reasons for investing and concerns).

It also detects and generates alerts for emerging new words, whether positive or negative.


 Ad’hoc portfolio IMA_Icon3 MF

Based on MoodFinance algorithms and semantics analysis, a fully customizable
dedicated portfolio can be developed (industry allocation, level of Buy / Sell signals, selection and number of stocks,…).
Delivery of these data is using web services technology for a flawless integration in your own IT environment.


IMA_Icon4 MF Drive and assess your corporate
financial communication

Map out the major indicators (interests and concerns, positives and negatives) for your company
or your main competitors, run before / after analysis of any financial communication event
and follow through to really assess the impact of your communication.


MoodFinance, Smart Data Analytics for Equity Research


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